Terrapod Games

Welcome! Terrapod Games is a creator of games for the PC. The studio has ceased operation, but its published games are still available for any who are interested. These titles are provided as-is; they may not work at all on your system, and no technical support can be provided.

The Last Sorceror (2004)

This game features Robotron-style action, with the main character being a Wizard who can lay waste to enemy hordes using a variety of magical spells. Contrary to what it says in the game's exit screen, it is perfectly fine to distribute these files to whomever you wish.

The Last Sorceror
Windows Executable Installer
38 Megabytes
The Last Sorceror
Mac OS X tar.bz2
34 Megabytes
Equals (2004)

This is an educational puzzle game that teaches basic math skills. The game was developed on behalf of another company that owns its rights, but the demo version can be obtained here.

Equals Demo
Windows Executable Installer
3 Megabytes
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